You did not find anything?

You did not find anything?

You did not find anything?

Nothing found?

You will not find for your party, your event the right disposable camera on our pages?

No problem!

                 The solution:

                                      Your own design!

Design from A to Z your own disposable camera for your special occasion.

We create a pattern according to your wishes camera. To have the opportunity to see if the design will meet your needs.

Case there is a subsequent order your own PIMPCAMS you just have to Pimpcam articles (7.50 incl. VAT. / Per pcs.) Click to specify the number of desired Cams and refer to this sample orders.

Here is our neutral pattern - the white CAM, so you can see which sites can be labeled by you and provided with pictures:


Once we have received your data and photos of the invoice amount for the model camera is paid, we will act in accordance with your wishes. No later than 1 working day, we produce your own personal, individual disposable camera and bring them on the way. You then have the option later to pre-order your personalized disposable cameras, by referring in the order on the order number of your paid model camera. Of course, you can order this item and get your desired number immediately, to save postage costs - provided, however, that you trust us to make the right camera for you.

White Cam für pimp your own Cam

About our item shop you can directly your personal disposable camera with your own design to create / image.

Please click on the camera above.