You like to tinker? 

Then you craft your own disposable cameras.

And so it is done:

1 Content: 5 disposable cameras (naked)

                 6 white camera masks

                 detailed Bastelanleitung / email-PDF mask

2nd printing with laser printers: Computer mask that was sent to you by email parallel to embed on your DIN-A4 page. The desired images and captions muster. Proof on neutral paper. Then delete the PDF mask again, so only your motives / label is applied to the pressure. Please take this printed sheet of paper and a white mask on the blade stick (here use the contours of the computer screen now print this mask -. DIN-A 4 sheet serves to ensure that the sheet is fed with the mask into the printer after. repeat the process with the other white masks.

3 masks wrinkles - grooves are given.

4 Insert Naked disposable camera and fix the mask with tape. First, the floor, then left and right, then pull the two side straps the longer strap and finally the rear wall above the glued flaps and fix using hot glue gun or adhesive strips.

Now the disposable camera is completed with your design ideas. You can also paint with pins or provided with their own stickers. Then deleted u.U. the printing with a laser printer. Inkjet printers are not so good, because they blur or later wear out with use.

Today you make the disposable cameras may even for a wedding tomorrow for a birthday or a children's party, the day after tomorrow for an anniversary. And then remain lying above, then the personalized disposable cameras can be used for a small, personal gift to an invitation.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the number Tel.-. 02861/66142.

ÜBERIGENS: This craft kit is always more ordered kindergartens!

Enjoy your team

Of course you can also order through us created, personalized disposable cameras.

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New PIMP CAM - Craft Kit for 5 own cameras

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